Prevent, manage and minimise the costs of commercial disputes...and how to save on solicitors’ fees

Running a small business can be tough and made tougher by customers who fail to pay, suppliers who don’t deliver on time and staff who fail to perform. 

As every business owners knows unless you nip these problems in the bud you can soon have a full blown conflict on your hands, involving hours of your time, disruption to your business and potentially costly solicitors' fees.

Has your business ever suffered from...?

  • late or non payment of invoices - the most common type of dispute?
  • delay in delivery or questions over the quality of goods or services?
  • staff behaviour, timeliness or work quality issues? 
  • disputes with your landlord over the details of the tenancy agreement or level of rent increase?
  • problems with another company using your trademarks or trade names?

If so, you’re not alone, and it probably won’t be the last time.

You can get help with our FREE GUIDE

Preventing and solving business disputes is something our lawyers do every day. In our new FREE guide we provide advice based on years of experience.

In the guide you will learn:

  • Proven strategies to keep problems under control. We’ll share our top tips on how you can avoid business disputes
  • Steps to take if a dispute is inevitable. Our 5-step process for effective dispute management could save you and your managers hours of wrangling and worry
  • Tips for instructing a solicitor which will save you money on their fees. Now there aren’t many firms of solicitors who’d offer that!
  • How to fight it out in court if the worst happens. We are realists and know that some battles have to be fought – as experts in this field we share our advice on how to prepare for court and what to avoid.

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